ATLAS.ti for Mac

Rewritten from the ground up, Mac users are able to run ATLAS.ti natively, bringing you the power and flexibility of our leading QDA software.

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Learning + Manuals

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Licensing + Trial

Already have a license for ATLAS.ti 7? Download the Mac version here for free (enter your existing license key to activate).

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Licensing Matters

The Mac version is *included* in all existing and new Windows licenses. If you already have a license for ATLAS.ti 7, you can simply download the Mac version here. Install, then enter your existing license key to activate. It’s that simple!

To obtain a new Mac-only version, please go to

It is important to keep in mind that the concurrent use clause of your existing license terms still holds: If you have installed ATLAS.ti on more than one computer (PC, Mac, Terminal Server), you may still only use as many concurrent work sessions as your license permits. A single-user license cannot be used on more than one machine at the same time. Under a student (personal) license, only the registered license holder is permitted to use the program at any given time on either a Windows or Apple computer (granted, working on more than one machine at once would be a bit tricky anyway!-).

System Requirements

Any Mac running OS X 10.8 or newer.

Windows or Mac?

Which Version Should I Choose?

IMPORTANT: Please see the Feature Matrix above for a detailed comparison between the Windows and the Mac versions.

Not all features from the Windows version have been implemented (yet), while on the other hand the Mac version introduces features not available under Windows. — We urge you to consider carefully if you want to make the switch to the Mac version, so as to avoid potential problems or frustration. We will release currently absent features successively through service packs over the next few weeks/months. Still, it is important that you make an informed decision if the Mac version is right for you at this time.

The current Mac version is suitable for you if you…

  • …love to work with a native Mac app
  • …start a new project from scratch
  • …have no team project exchange requirements
  • …you only use Mac compatible multimedia documents in your projects
  • …currently have no need for geo documents
  • …feel more comfortable with having a virtually unlimited undo/redo
  • …work in different languages simultaneously – full Unicode support!
  • …don’t need associated documents yet (e.g. transcript and media)


Making the Switch – Now or Later?

In some cases, we advise users to wait with making the switch to the Mac edition. Going with the Windows version for now is your best choice if you…

  • …work in a team and/or need shared libraries
  • …work with non-Mac data formats (such as .wma, .wmv)
  • …work with geo-spatial data
  • …need to edit textual primary documents


Some of the above scenarios rely on features not currently available under Mac just yet. Please check the Feature Matrix above every once in a while over the next few months to see if your “favorite” tool has already been implemented.

Note: While project transfer from PC to Mac is fully supported, transfer from Mac to PC is currently not yet possible. This feature will not be available until the release of ATLAS.ti 8 for Windows.

News and Updates

Read more about select new features introduced in recent updates:

For the full update history of ATLAS.ti for Mac, click here.