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ATLAS.ti: Quality Software Developed in Germany since 1989

ATLAS.ti was first created in 1989 (which makes us the oldest manufacturer of QDA software in the world). Ever since then, ATLAS.ti has taken a breathtaking development.

thomasmuhrIn 1993, Thomas Muhr released the first commercial version under the company name “Scientific Software Development,” now ATLAS.ti GmbH. Today, the program is sold and used around the world, with major organizations and corporate players among its enthusiastic users. The likes of Microsoft, SOS Kinderdorf, United Nations, the World Bank, Google and Yahoo! rely heavily on ATLAS.ti for their qualitative data analysis needs.

In the years since then we have stayed true to our principles of innovation and uncompromising dedication to quality. Our developers work in close interaction with practitioners, researchers, and consultants worldwide. To ensure that we can continue to serve our users in the best way possible, we have continuously increased our team over these years and continue to develop cutting-edge technology with the users in mind. Today, hundreds of people around the globe are dedicated to provide the ATLAS.ti users with a great product and great service. Company, sales, staff, reseller network and user-base all keep growing rapidly and steadily. And the rapidly growing number of users and the enormous positive feedback we receive every day are an indicator to us that we are on the right track.

A word about the technology the drives our software: When you buy an ATLAS.ti license, you automatically also buy yourself the committment and dedication of our dedicated support staff. Unlike others, we do not sell separate “maintenance” and support packages–we consider these part of the software package, plain and simple.

You can always reach our support staff via the ATLAS.ti Online Support Center.

ATLAS.ti is and has always been German engineering at its best: A combination of creativity and solid know-how that results in innovation and excellent craftsmanship that is second to none. Inspired by company founder Thomas Muhr (who is both a trained psychologist and a computer engineer), most of our team members have impressive backgrounds both in the technical and in the scholarly/research sector. In the same spirit, our software is based on an evolutionary-participatory development process and utilizes the latest and most advanced technology available. Our development policy is guided by a set of values that centrally feature interoperability and the use of non-propriatary (“open” ) standards (e.g., XML).

This is truly good news for you: ATLAS.ti is much less susceptiple to common security threats and remains more flexible and expandable in its capabilities than other products. Things like unlimited video size and–starting with v6–native PDF support wouldn’t be possible otherwise. And noo other QDA software offers you more capabilities for data exchange with other applications than ATLAS.ti.

But not only that: Our technological advantage enables the much much smaller and more economical footprint that also distinguishes ATLAS.ti: Our software is a small one-shot download and one-click installation, it does NOT require the installation of any extra components (that might compromise your computer’s system integrity), and it still offers many more features, much more usability, more convenience, and ultimately a much higher degree of professional processing power than any similar system.

Can you tell that we are proud of our technology and the individuals who make it happen?:)


Home of ATLAS.ti: The ATLAS.ti Center

Early 2006 saw the opening of our new company headquarters in the heart of Berlin’s “City West:” With significant growth in staff, sales, and ideas, we relocated to a new office building right across the street from the Technical University. This allows us to always have the best talent working for you and to stay abreast of the latest research trends.


How To Find Us

How To Find Us In the Heart of Berlin

Our location could hardly be any more central: only a few steps from Berlin’s main shopping street, train station, traffic arteries, and many famous cultural landmarks, we are situated also in close proximity to many institutions and firms we are proud to call our research and innovation partners (e.g. Technische Universität Berlin, Zentrum Technik und Gesellschaft, nexus Institut, hypertexxt, and many others).